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      C&S Patent and Law Office (“C&S”) was founded in 1969, when even the concept of intellectual property rights was unfamiliar to many Koreans, by CHUN Choon-Hang, who served as the Commissioner of Patents of the Korean Commerce-Industry Ministry (corresponding to the current Korean Intellectual Property Office (“KIPO”)). Since that time, C&S has accumulated professional know-how while providing a range of services, on the basis of “Credibility” and “Sincerity.” Currently, about 50 patent attorneys and about 100 professionals are demonstrating their best teamwork.

      C&S provides comprehensive legal services, including intellectual property-related applications and registrations, information research and analysis on convergence and innovative technologies, dispute resolution through intellectual property-related trials and litigation, and intellectual property-related consulting, negotiation and contracts, in order to maximize the technological value of our customers through the provision of services. With such passion and effort, C&S is satisfying the diverse needs of our customers and contributing to the development of intellectual property rights in Korea.

      C&S endeavors to provide the best customer-oriented service by constantly striving to repay the trust and affection of our customers.

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      C&S Patent and Law Office