IP Practice

    Research & Analysis

      Research Work
      Patentability Research

      Strong patent rights can be secured by examining relevant prior document(s) before or after filing the application to confirm the possibility of obtaining patent rights or clarifying the difference from the prior document(s).

      Invalidation Research

      Procedure for invalidating another party's patent rights in the case of a patent dispute and investigating evidence to effectively respond to the dispute. By invalidating the other party's patent rights, it is possible to prevent further economic loss in advance in the case of losing an infringement lawsuit.

      Infringement Research

      It is possible to maximize economic benefits from exclusive practice by identifying whether one's own technology will infringe upon other companies' patent rights to reduce investment risk, or by determining whether competitors are infringing on one's own patent rights and prohibiting the same, if any.

      Technical Information Research

      Effective technological development strategies can be established by providing patents and technical information in the field of interest.